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A few of you have been asking me about an accent called Umeboshi. I would like to give you a little more information about this ingredient that I have been using in several of my newest dishes.

Fifteen years ago, while living in Japan, I was eating according to macrobiotic principles. One of them was to eat one umeboshi per day, for digestion purposes and salt supply. This year, the beginning of the stone fruit season conjured up memories from that time, so I decided to use it in my cuisine.

Umeboshi is Japanese for dried plum. It is the central area of Wakayama that is the most renown for its production of ume and umeboshi, though the fruit – ume – is cultivated in Asia, and is known both as Chinese Plum, or Japanese Apricot.

The salted fruit looks like this :

Umeboshi can take on various appearances, from smooth to very wrinkled. Usually they taste salty, and are extremely sour due to high citric acid content.

At Baumé, we use it either as an accent or as a condiment. As you know, I like to explore ingredients, transforming them into various forms, and looking for uncommon directions. Below are some of the dishes that contain umeboshi. Let’s see if you can spot it on these plates…

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