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Elysian fields lamb and a recipe from Provence

“Elysian Fields Lamb and Celery Risotto with Truffle Saveur” is one of this Spring’s favorites on our tasting menu. Of course, “Elysian Fields” does not mean that we import our meat from some exclusive butcher shop on the famous Parisian avenue. It does mean though that we have selected one of the best places to procure our lamb meat: a farm in Pennsylvania where the lamb is raised thoughtfully, with respect for the nature of the animal and with care for the environment where it lives.

We have a direct relationship with the producer, and we know that they treat their animals very well. We also know that they monitor and gather data about their growth and their feeding. And they make sure that it shows on their clients’ plates.

The result is an exceptionally tender meat, with a profound red color that contrasts beautifully with the white crystalline fat marbled throughout.If you have  access to great lamb meat, you can prepare a great summery plate in just a few minutes (provided you bear in mind to marinate the meat 24 hours in advance).

This recipe calls for fresh “herbes de Provence”. This traditional seasoning from the South-East of France is typically available dry. To enjoy the full flavor of the herbs, however, it is best to have them freshly chopped. It pairs beautifully with lamb meat.

All it takes is a few lamb rib chops, a few fresh herbs and zucchinis :

Ingredients (for 2 plates) :

4 lamb rib chops

2 zucchinis (medium sized)

Fresh “herbes de provence” (thyme, rosemary, edible lavender, sage and parsley).

A few drops of balsamic vinegar

Olive oil, salt, pepper

Steps :

Wash the herbs, remove the stems and chop them thinly.

Spread the herbs and olive oil on the meat, and let it marinate for 24 hours in the fridge.

The next day, cut the zucchinis in 2- to 3-inch long slices.

Grill the meat and the zucchinis, add salt and pepper, and transfer them to a plate. Add some fresh herbs, olive oil and balsamic vinegar on the zucchinis, et voilà! Your lunch plate is ready..

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