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Which sauce for a Halibut filet?

The first important choice when preparing a halibut filet with a citrus beurre blanc sauce is – of course – the choice of the fish.

A good Halibut is a slimy-skinned, firm-fleshed, bright-eyed fish that should look like this :A tip to evaluate a halibut’s freshness is to “look it in the eye”. If it is still a firm and bright looking ball, chances are the flesh won’t disappoint you.

If you are cooking at home and decide to buy the fillet instead of a whole fish, then my advice is to carefully select your fishmonger. Freshness and quality are key to reavealing the fish’s delicate sweetness and crunchy flesh.

At Baumé Restaurant, our supplier is CleanFish. They are a San Francisco based company that promotes sustainable, clean fishing methods and ensures us to serve among the best fish of the season. The fish comes from artisan farms whose fine stewardship not only ensures the fishes’ well-being, but also preserves the environment. In the Bay Area, you can find them and learn about their fish selection at the San Francisco Fishing Company store located inside the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market every second Saturday of the month.

Halibut is one of the most elegant white fishes. Its firm flesh and delicate flavor allows a wide choice of cooking methods and pairs beautifully with a warm and tangy sauce such as a citrus “beurre blanc”. For this recipe I chose to pan fry the fish. Because halibut is such a lean one, it can quickly overcook, so err on the side of being underdone, and let it finish cooking outside the pan.


Serves 4

1 oz of white wine
1 small shallot, chopped
1 lemon, zested & juiced
4 oz of cream
3 oz of un-salted butter

Place the shallot and white wine into a pot and simmer over medium
heat until almost dry.

Whisk 4 oz of cream into mixture, return to heat and reduce by half.

Remove from heat and slowly whisk in the soft butter. Then use a
microplane to add the zest of lemon & juice at the end.

Add salt and pepper to your taste.

NOTE: make sure all ingredients are handy prior to starting.

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