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Crispy squab and fresh peas

Vibrant, fresh ingredients provide me with my daily inspiration for Baumé Restaurant’s tasting menu. We select them and work with them at the peak of their aliveness and flavor. Consequently, we hope to surprise you with beautiful, crisp, delicious bites.

Fresh green peas — straight off the vine and right out of the pod — are at their best in spring and early summer. At this time of the year, the pods are smooth and green, the pea is tender but not floury.

One of my Spring dishes is the old French classic : “pigeon aux petits pois” (squab with peas).

As illustrated below by this famous painting—which was unfortunately stolen from the Museum of Modern Arts in Paris in 2010—I love to play with deconstructing the classics and building on them to enhance each part of the recipe.

Picasso : Le pigeon aux petits pois

The thought of glazed ducks gave me my starting point for working the squab. I wanted to reproduce their crisp, sweet and savory, spicy skin yet preserve the tenderness of the meat. I tailored that process to the subtlety of squab meat by adding the right spices, honey, and by adapting the cooking style. The result is this refined, juicy and crisp bite that we enhance with a few zesty drops of balsamic reduction on the plate.

In the classic recipe the peas are boiled in the the pan with the pigeon meat and broth. As we strive to preserve their freshness and like to play with textures and colors, we modified their cooking process. Fresh, lightly blanched bright green peas are presented against a tube of creamy pureed ones.

With these plates, I hope not only to satisfy your appetite but also to excite your curiosity.

Bon Appétit!

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